straight cutthroat razors honing sales and strops

IMG_0354this page is all about straight razors, razor strops, pastes and shaving.

I restore old razors, mainly vintage german, sheffield, swedish, french, and spanish, cleaning them and honing them to perfection,

I also manufacture many different types of razor strops,

and make them to your spec’s call me on 07745 375 898 from 10am to 10 pm

traditional leather hanging strops,

IMG_0546 IMG_0545

the above is a 2 sided travelers strop with steel hangers horween leather and green military canvas extra long but rolls up small

call 07745 375 898 for prices


and below paddle strops (far easier for the novice to use)

IMG_0551 IMG_0023

the above are 4 sided 3 top quality leathers and one canvas. easy for the beginner to use. I also make 2 sided paddles. below.

IMG_0157 IMG_0161


with a top quality leather on one side and a hard canvas on the rev


also i make restoration strops for restoring blunt blades

for prices call 07745 375 898 10am to 10pm

IMG_0125 IMG_0128

having a flat balsa wood mounted on hardwood and coated with chromium oxide on 1 side on the reverse is fine quality cow hide wth jewellers rouge. to compliment these, I manufacture 5

different strop pastes, below

IMG_0118 IMG_0123 IMG_0177

above are chromium oxide, ultra fine black, and fine orange.

IMG_0347 IMG_0348

above are red oxide (jewellers rouge) and extra fine yellow.

I also offer a full razor honing service, and advice, for all your sharpening problems, and keep several vintage restored razors in stock, for any of the above please call me on 07745 375 898 from 10 am to 10 pm I can help.





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