shooting gallery (this is what we do.)

shooting tuition

Fancy your hand at clay shooting ?

We have some of the best grounds here in the North -both large shooting grounds and small welcoming clubs

fancy a go. never shot before, let us coach you.




learn how to hold a gun

and how to use it safely.

we teach novices to win prizes

Watch the birdie. bang result.2 happy lasses &1 happy coach.

a magnum of champers + wine.

now that’s not bad for 2 novice shooters.

first time out. on one of our corporate shoots.

courtesy of the mustard and punch restaurant

you are never too young to learn,

my grandson demonstrates a perfect gun mount.

The following pictures are from graemes stag do, at manchester shooting ground, on Saturday sep 11th 2010.

Here are the lads with my assistant on the day mick (the fat) gat. in the centre, I have to give him some stick because his team beat me on the day, I’ll never live it down.

We split into 2 teams of 4 and had a little competition, braving the manchester weather, The fat lads team won, oh my god.

but all the lads shot very well on the day dave no 6 from left performing like a pro. I think he was micks ringer.

My team pictured above.

Despite the weather we all enjoyed our little get together and from mick (fat lad gat) and myself we wish Graeme all the best for His future wedding, (poor lad) All the best lads hope to meet up again sometime.

Below are pictures from a shoot on the 27th June 2010. This was  arranged for Hinchliffe’s  old farm restaurant, held at farnley shooting ground.  also the day England lost.

  This was a nice event held in very hot weather, with temperatures in the 80′s. nearly all where novices, but at the end of the day. some very respectable scores where noted.

After a bit of tuition the lads where soon popping the clays off.

While others watched in eager anticipation getting a nice tan.

Louise, the restaurant manageress on the left organised the event from the restaurant, side. and made sure everyone enjoyed the day.

The teams of around 8 people took turns shooting at 6 stands, moving from 1 stand to the next giving them a good variety of clays to shoot at.

The day started with drinks and bacon butties at hinchliffes, then after shooting it was all back to the restaurant for a belly full of hinchliffe’s fine rump steak. a great day out for all.

Lessons, for Kevin, Monique, Paris, and friends Robin and his wife. Held at Farnley shooting ground. sunday  2nd may 2010.

After the shoot happy people, photos by kevin.

Here’s How its done. Monique and Paris, Smoking clays.

And that’s how its done.

many thanks to the gang we all had a good day at Farnley.

the mustard and punch corporate shoot

22 June 2008

the gathering of the clans bacon butties to start

some of my team lads.

The top lady novice shooter. champagne.

The top male novice shooter. champagne.

The top team of the day bottles of wine.

Followed by a slap up 5 course meal at the prestigious Mustard and punch restaurant.

the next shoot is already booked up for September

A good time was had by all.

Ben hirst’s stag party started like this

at rufforth sat 29th november 2008

  The gang meet up at 11.0 am.

All muffled up and ready to go, after a big fry up that is.

The smokin gun

concentrate on the clay while I lift your wallet

Now watch me closely lads.

Spit that bubble gum out lad you’ll stick to mi gun


Now I shoot rabbits like this!

I use wash and go!

I use wash and gone!

ouch mi foot

And now simon will demonstrate a new type of gun mount.

Well thats it guys you all did well on the day.

top man 39 ex 50

all enjoyed it and set of for leeds for Happy sup.

on the behalf of the lads I would like to convey our thanks to phil and the team at rufforth for the splendid breakfast, and shoot. what a good day we all had. thanks to you all

The mustard and punch shoot 7th sep 2008.

Yet another fine affair from the mustard and punch restaurant. with over 40 shooters in attendance,

bacon butties and coffee to start the day,

discussing tactics.

with prizes on offer.

my team prepare with a bit of posing

before scooping the top scoring team on the day,

a bottle of wine for each shooter.

the top scoring male shooter 36/40

won a £30 shooting voucher

Top Lady shooter a bottle of champers,

the top novice shooter another bottle of bubbly.

And then all back to the mustard for a fine 5 course meal.

Yet another excellent event enjoyed by all.

many thanks to richard and wayne and the staff at the mustard & punch.

And not forgetting tony  for putting on a nice layout for us,

Please take the time to leave your comments in my home page guestbook.

many thanks for viewing Pete.

And now a mention of 3 new shooters.

coached by me at farnley. 7th dec 2008.

Firstly young jake healey.

Just taking up clays at 13 years old.

sorry Jake I forgot your picture but I’ll get one later.

Came for his first lesson with a gun that was too big for him and didn’t fit.

however after 20 minutes coaching, went with his dad onto the main shoot, I met up with him on a looper stand, the one most clay shooters dread, a word in his ear and he dusted 6 out of 8, we’ll be seeing more of Jake later i’m sure.

next, this pair of lads never shot clays before.

After 20 mins coaching I took em out onto the main shoot,

thy hit everything going achieving aprox 30 out of 50.

could be shooting for the 1012 olimpics?

Paul clarkson and mates, having a competitive shoot.

The venue! Rufforth. Northern activities centre.

This was a competitive, event arranged for the lads,

Most having never shot before,

this was the first event of this kind for them.

Having tried everything from archery to tiddlywinks

Here is the group of happy shooters. after a corking Rufforth breakfast

First man up, paul,

He drew the short straw having arranged the event He had the dubious task of going first,

with The gun I took on the day, my winchester  sporter. Too long in the stock for him. he still shot well,

now for the rest of the team.

High Tower. I could just see over His elbow. and I am 6 foot.

Good stance and gun mount.

Where is the little bugger I’ll get him

Got him.

And last but not least Adrian.left handed, but with a dominant right eye, hit about 3 of his first 15 shots,

shooting from his left shoulder.

Then swopped the gun to his rt shoulder,

and started smashing the clays to finish 2nd over all

The lads all did well on the day, being a new venture for them, and I am sure they all enjoyed the experience.

The winner on the day. High Tower, don’t ask me how he did it I couldn’t see over his elbow!.

All the best lads and many thanks to Phill and his team,

for the excellent set up.

some pictures from the MUSTARD AND PUNCH JUNE 28TH 2009 SHOOT

A nice hot sunny day, as usual the clients all enjoyed them selves, starting with the usual butties and beverages.

followed by a 40 bird shoot.

then back to the restaurant for a slap up feast.

Here are some pictures of the happy gang.

relaxing between stands

and going for them pesky clays.

teaching the lads to shoot unmounted gun

produced some fine shooting.

This chap never held a shotgun before. started slow first stand, and went on to achieve top male novice shooter, with 30/40.

won a bottle of champers. well done.

look at the concentration.

i’m happy.

 tony (with the beard) says no more butties for this lad he’s had 4 already.

more concentration.

bang it’s dead.

A well mounted gun gets another result.

look at me ducky I can lift a chair.

more tuition.

gets results,

note the leaning back stance due to stock too long for this shooter

what did you say.

like this. perfect mount good shot.

Top lady novice with bubbly.

And my top team picking up the prizes again.

good tuition, good concentration. produces results

Once again thanks to Richard from the mustard, Tony the ground owner. and everyone on the shoot for making this another enjoyable day.


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